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New Browser Games in 2011

New Browser Games in 2011 Each week, our editors pick up some most potential new browser games, released or to be released, in our wide selection of browser game and social game list. This week, we will would like to pick some upcoming titles with stunning graphics and RPG. Before ...

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3D Action browser RPG Juggernaut

3D Action browser RPG Juggernaut, Russia’s online game publisher, today announces a new Unity-powered 3D browser RPG Juggernaut. reported that Juggernaut has no relationships with Juggernaut character what we knew. From its graphics, browser game Juggernaut looks attractive and fantasy-focused. Currently, there is only Russian website available.

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Juggernaut Russian online RPG, the largest online game publisher in Russia, presented us a gallery of screenshots for its upcoming 3D fantasy browser RPG: Juggernaut, which was originally released in Russian region in 2010. So what is the Juggernaut? Analogues between Juggernaut and other browser games may help you know more about this ...

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