Facebook Games MilMo


Facebook Games MilMo


MilMo is a new Free-to-Play 3D MMO Action Adventure Game for Facebook running in your browser with NO BIG DOWNLOAD, and no need to create an account if you’re on Facebook. Just fire up the game, press the Maximize button and enjoy a stunning 3D Action Adventure Game in blazing fullscreen!

MilMo features a profanity filter. This is to minimize the amount of offensive language. We are always working to make this filter better.

Experience awesome 3D graphics in your web browser. Create a unique hero and join your friends in a wondrous island world of action and high adventure!

This game is unlike any games you have played before. What makes this game fun are the many different aspects of it; catching bugs, killing monsters, digging for treasure, doing quests, exploring islands… it never gets boring.

It’s a 3D game, where you can walk around with your own character. A good thing is that you can buy stuff fo…r the game, but those aren’t neccessary, things like a cool outfit. Also you will be able to earn some money in game to buy those things ! What makes it accesable is that you’re able to play it without downloading it! And when you might get stuck or when there seems to be a bug in the game, you can leave a message at the forum and very soon something will be done about it! I would highly recommend to any person who likes to play games. Done? Don’t worry the came just came succesfully out of it’s testfase and is still being updated and upgraded regularly !

If you’re not convinced yet, I’d say just try it, or leave me a message and we’ll discuss it .

• Stunning console quality 3D graphics in your web browser

• Exciting action gameplay with crazy monsters and mega-cool bosses

• Design your own hero avatar with tons of cool clothes, armors, haircuts, accessories and limitless color combos

• Explore, run, jump and fight your way through an amazing and ever unfolding island world

• Uncover a deep, intricate storyline filled with epic quests and amazing secrets

• Roam through sweet 3D platform levels filled with challenging structures and puzzles

• Find hidden exploration tokens to assemble powerful new items and weapons

• Unlock impressive titles and rewards by earning hundreds of medals for exploring, fighting, questing and more


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