Cross fire Public Hack indir


Here is a beta weapon hack by me it’s only been tested on windows 7 64-bit – Crossfire Weapon Hack[Silah Hilesi] Please vote to show your results if you get an error please post it so I can attempt to find a resolution.

also if you have a 64-bit system and it doesn’t work:
Make sure uac is disabled (google how if you don’t know}
run as admin
get netframework 4 (that shouldn’t matter but smd do it)

press alt+w to turn your m700 in an AWM RedDragon & again to turn off
alt+s for no spread (always on)
alt+x for crosshair and no scope overlay & again to turn off

Hgwc Patcher
1.Move the patcher into your crossfire folder it
3.delete the following files: aegis.exe aegis64.exe aegisDll.dll and aegis64Dll.dll
4.delete all the files in your hgwc folder crossfire open your hack and it won’t be logged undo these changes simply run the patcher again
8.then restore the deleted files

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